How-to Hairstyles:
Come undone

Learn how to put your ghd platinum® styler into practice and create relaxed, wavy hairstyle texture with our come undone step-by-step guide.

Get defined ripples in your hair without the hassle. If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for your long locks, create come undone waves and achieve an effortlessly chic look. Wavy hair can add that touch of playfulness to your style and will leave you feeling confident that your hair will last as long as you do – all day and all night.

Let ghd be your styling must-have and help you craft these sultry waves. The ghd platinum® styler's innovative safer-for-hair heat offers you guilt-free styling, as well as delivering healthier*, stronger* and shinier** results. To really craft those sought-after waves, the ghd oval dressing brush will loosen your locks out and give you the wavy hair you want. Preparation and finish are key for getting wavy hairstyles – add ghd curl hold spray and shine spray to your styling tool kit.

Make your tresses ambition undone wavy hair and follow this how-to guide for style perfection.

Here’s how to create come undone waves

1. Spray hair with curl hold spray

2. Put section of hair in styler, rotate and glide through

3. Repeat for all sections

4. Brush through waves

5. Finish with shine spray

step one: Spray hair with curl hold spray

Prepare each section of hair with ghd curl hold spray – ensuring a good covering across the entire head. This will help give the hair that added boost when curling and create long-lasting wavy hair. 

step two: Put section of hair in styler, rotate and glide through

Place the 1-2 inch section of hair you wish to curl between the ghd platinum® styler plates. Twist the styler 90 degrees away from the face and pull through to the hair ends.

step three: Repeat for all sections

Repeat step two until all the sections you wish to make wavy have been curled.

step four: Brush through waves

Using the ghd oval dressing brush, lightly brush the hair to loosen the waves out

step five: Finish with shine spray

To add that final touch of glam to your look, spritz shine spray across your wavy hairstyle.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ash Martin Photography

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